Leverage voice-based emotions and behaviors to predict agent and customer success

Our patented technology goes beyond words using 176 features such as pitch frequency and tone to identify the meaning hidden within the words spoken. RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics helps you target the right customers and increase your agents’ performance.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. It’s just amazing the results we have gotten so far by using this product.

Gordon Beck | Diversified Consultants Inc.

The ease of implementation was just icing on the cake – we plan to leverage their Predictive Analytics to improve our agents’ performance as well.

Chris Vittoz | Receivables Performance Management (RPM)

RankMiner is Changing the Way Companies do Business

As a call based business, it’s impossible to listen to every call. Even if you could, it would be difficult to determine if someone who said, “maybe” or even “no” was worth another try. RankMiner listens to 100% of your calls and lets you know who is worth pursuing and who is not. Because RankMiner separates your agents and customers voices, we can also provide rankings for agent performance.

The key to RankMiner voice analytics success are the 176 feature vectors that allow voice analytics to ignore the words that people say and analyze emotional behavior and tone.

Our data scientists and machine learning developers have created industry-leading predictive models that will help you increase your revenues and decrease operating costs to generate greater profits. Currently, RankMiner is creating unique models for collection agencies, inside sales teams, call center operations and agents. With our profit-maximizing Predictive Models, we’ll tell you which customers are most likely to engage with you and which ones are not. So you can focus on those customers & prospects that matter most to your business.

What Makes Us Different

We go beyond words to identify the true meaning. We help you maximize time and resources by prioritizing when to pursue a “maybe” or a “no” and when to stop wasting your time. RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics increase your conversion rates, accelerate cash flow and lower costs.

Your Success Is Our Success

Our success relies on positive client results. RankMiner has converted non-believers and demonstrated success across varying client requests. But don’t take our word for it, let our clients tell the story.

A Predictive Model as Unique as Your Business

Leverage Predictive Analytics & Machine Intelligence to grow your business

RankMiner creates a predictive model that identifies the customers you should target. It then dynamically updates itself with validated results. Future predictions become increasingly more accurate as your custom RankMiner model learns from your unique validated results.


Unique Predictive Models

Inside Sales

Scientifically pair your top performers with the prospects most likely to buy. Close more sales and waste less time using our predictive models.

Call Centers

Leverage predictive analytics to improve agent performance and target the right customers. Unlike speech analytics that simply identifies words, phonemes, or phrases, RankMiner’s predictive models are built around human emotions & behaviors.


Increasing payment conversion rates will always be a top priority for successful companies in Receivables Management. See how RankMiner can help your agents be more productive on every call.

Agent Insight

In a high volume call based business, you can’t review every agent call…or can you? RankMiner Agent Insight analyzes every call to provide you quick insight on agent performance.

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