Would you like to know…
…which customers will buy?
…which customers will leave?
…which agents hurt your business?

RankMiner is Changing the Way

Call Centers do Business

Only RankMiner Predicts Agent & Customer Success

Agent Insight
Get agent productivity gains of 20% or more with RankMiner Agent Insight by automatically analyzing every call. Target struggling agents for additional training before they’ve negatively impacted countless customers.

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Customer Insight
65% of customer satisfaction is HOW Your Customers FEEL after speaking with your agents. Find out which customers will leave and which will buy more with RankMiner Customer Insight by automatically analyzing every call

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Increase Sales

Scientifically pair your top performers with the prospects most likely to buy. Close more sales, waste less time and increase agent productivity by using RankMiner’s.

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Increase Collections

Increasing payment rates is a top priority for successful call centers in Receivables Management. See how we can help your agents be more productive on every call.

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Retain Agents

Employee attrition costs your call center tens of thousand of dollars every year.  Systematically identify which of your top performing agents are likely to leave before it’s too late.

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Retain Customers

Do you know which customers will leave?  Predict which customers are most at risk for leaving and correct poor agent performance before it affects your revenue.

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Rank Miner is Unique

RankMiner is the only predictive voice analytics solutions that gives you the emotional intelligence to make informed business decisions.  Would you like to know which prospects will say YES, which customers are at risk for leaving, and which phone agents are hurting your business?

Your Success Is Our Success

Its not what you say, its how you say it!  RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics engine is customized using YOUR call data ensuring each prediction drive success in YOUR call center.  See what our customers have to say!

Intelligence to Grow Your Business

Using Machine Learning, RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics solutions leveraging the emotions behind the voice.  Predict which prospects will turn into sales, which customers will leave, and which agents need help.  Enable your call center to quickly and easily increase conversation rates and turn more calls into revenue.