The RankMiner Difference

ANALYZE calls automatically

PREDICT business outcomes

PRESCRIBE optimal actions

What do we do?

RankMiner is an automated, easy to use, predictive analytics solutions for call centers.  RankMiner identifies voice-based emotions and behaviors from agent & customer conversations.  Using machine-learning algorithms we transform unstructured data into valuable and prescriptive information for Call Centers.

The Future of Call Center Analytics

Machine Learning, emotional voice analytics and predictive modeling are converging to revolutionize how call centers enable their agents and interact with customers.  Analyzing the voice recordings captured from each call, Call Centers will now enable agents to perform more effectively during the call,  allowing agents to adjust communication style and gain emotional intelligence., and Management to predictive agent & customer behaviors and the associated outcomes.

How does it work?

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See RankMiner in Action


The ease of implementation was just icing on the cake – we plan to leverage their Predictive Analytics to improve our agents’ performance as well.

Chris Vittoz | Receivables Performance Management (RPM)

It’s just amazing the results we have gotten so far by using this product. We look forward to the future advances with the product.

Gordon Beck | Diversified Consultants Inc

Our first ViciHost client to use RankMiner’s Predictive Voice Analytics software experienced a 41% increase in sales. They had experienced so much success with RankMiner that they shifted all of their outbound sales campaigns to run through the software.

Matt Florell | ViciDial

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Meet the Team

Preston Faykus

CEO & Founder

Preston began his career in Moscow, and spent the next 10 years building businesses across Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to founding RankMiner, Preston held senior management positions with DialogBank, EuroNet Worldwide, Aurum Technology and FIS where he focused on growing the companies’ electronic payments and data analytics business.

Preston holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. He lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his wife and three kids, where he has held multiple leadership and board positions including First United Methodist Church, the Rotary club of Downtown St. Pete, Studio 620 and other organizations.

Erik Hammel

Technical Director

With expertise in machine learning, optimization, data mining, and combinatorics, Erik leads RankMiner's technical team, ensuring our solutions works seamlessly from end to end.

Erik specializes in operations research, predictive analytics, and enterprise decision optimization. Employing methods including reinforcement learning, dynamic programming, various optimization heuristics, regression methods, and deterministic & statistical classifiers. Using tools including Python, C++, SQL, and Matlab; he makes use of and extend optimization and learning software such as CPLEX, scikit-learn, and NLTK. Erik holds 5 advanced degrees including a Ph.D. in mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic. Institute

Bruce Peoples

Cognitive Scientist

Bruce has extensive experience in the innovative research, design, development and implementation of complex adaptive learning, autonomous, analytic, performance, decision, and production support systems. He has the proven ability to research and design advanced information technologies and processes for customers, and has successfully designed and built cutting edge Brain-Computer Interface based systems.

With a demonstrated ability to invent new information technologies and process methodologies Bruce has over fifty Invention Disclosures and Patent Applications. Bruce comes to RankMiner with 26+ years designing complex and intelligent systems Raytheon ISO/IEC. He currently holds 23 patents and a Ph.D. from the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis.

Derek Seiple

Senior Developer

Proven software and systems development expertise.

Algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing experience.
MS and BS Mathematics degrees from Penn State and University of Arizona with award-winning academic work.

Tom Merriewether

Data Scientist

With over 20 years experience software engineer, Tom is an expert in the design and implementation of software and firmware. He has worked with a wide array of disciplines/domains and can rapidly learns new technologies and techniques.

He is currently working with Digital Signal Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Machine Learning Programming. Tom holds a B.S and 2 M.S. degrees in Applied Science.