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A call center is only as good as its phone agents

3 Call Center Coaching Tools to Help You Become a Coaching Expert

For nearly any call center, improving the skills of phone agents is a major key to success. When phone agents are well-coached in their roles and given the tools they need to succeed, they’ll produce better results than they would without the right coaching and tools. Here are a few call center coaching tools that can help you become a coaching expert to your team.

3 Call Center Metrics to Help You Understand if Your Phone Agents are Doing Well or Working the System

The most common method of evaluating an agent’s performance is to randomly spot-check a set number of their calls, per week or per day. However, random spot checking only provides a restricted sample size giving you limited insight into an agent’s true capabilities.

The Cost of Training an Agent

Some surveys suggest the true cost of hiring a new employee to be two to three times the annual salary of that position. Obviously, if you are investing that much money in the hiring process, you need to ensure that you hire the right person and you want them to stick around for some time. That means that you need them to feel comfortable in their position and give them any assistance necessary to be successful.

How Phone Agents Control Your Revenue

It may be a cliché, but a call center is only as good as its phone agents. If you employ poor quality, undertrained phone agents, who provide uninspiring customer service and struggle to sell your products, you will notice a negative impact. You’ll likely have a terrible reputation based on the negative customer experience and your revenue will suffer based on the bad call center experience your agents are providing.

The Cost of Onboarding

Every new employee comes at a cost to a call center. Every time somebody leaves, the company has to go through the recruitment process. No matter what method they use, either recruiting using an internal team or contracting an employment agency, the recruiting process will cost time and money.

The Impact of Maximizing Call Center Agent Performance

Before implementing RankMiner’s predictive analytics to assess individual agent effectiveness, DCI’s QA reps would have to manually provide feedback on agent performance using a scorecard. The issue here is that feedback given on such a scorecard is, at best, a subjective assessment of an agent’s performance. Even worse, QA teams didn’t have enough time or personnel to manually review every call, so the data available on an agent’s performance was incomplete. Generally speaking, a company can only evaluate roughly 1% of their total call volume.

Your Customer and Your Agent – the Vital Interaction

In a call center, the interaction between its phone agents and its customers can make or break a company. Whether your call center is a BPO for many companies or internal customer service for a large financial institution, high quality conversations are the key to overall success.

Emotional Intelligence: The Impact of Phone Agent Emotions

Every call in a call center has at least two participants, two emotional human beings. The emotional intelligence of both the agent and the customer will have a huge impact on the success of any particular call. A skilled phone agent may be able to modify their actions to match the customer emotions; changing how they direct the flow of a call. This skilled agent might be able to take an unhappy customer, cater to their emotional state, and gain success by getting them to a positive emotional state by the end of the call.

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RankMiner is an automated, easy to use, predictive analytics solutions for call centers. RankMiner identifies voice-based emotions and behaviors from agent & customer conversations. Using machine-learning algorithms we transform unstructured data into valuable and prescriptive information for Call Centers.

The Future of Call Center Analytics

Machine Learning, emotional voice analytics and predictive modeling are converging to revolutionize how call centers enable their agents and interact with customers. Analyzing the voice recordings captured from each call, Call Centers will now enable agents to perform more effectively during the call, allowing agents to adjust communication style and gain emotional intelligence., and Management to predictive agent & customer behaviors and the associated outcomes.