Increase Customer Collections & Increase Agent Retention

RankMiner’s Predictive Analytics platform for Collections is the only solution capable of predicting debtor and agent behavior. RankMiner will identify which debtors are most likely to pay so you are able to accelerate your collection cycle. Furthermore, our predictive models will also help optimize your operations by reducing your average credit collection period, streamline your QA monitoring process, and improve agent retention and overall agent performance with RankMiner’s easy to use Predictive Analytics solutions!


 Custom Analytics That Improve Over Time

Today’s debt collection agencies are too competitive for generic one-size-fits-all software solutions. RankMiner’s team of software developers understand this fact and create models tailored to your organization and the specific industries you collect for. And thanks in part to its Artificial Intelligence capabilities, your custom voice analytics solution learns from QA feedback to improve over time.

Make Better Use of Your Resources

It’s no secret QA teams are tasked with a mountain-sized challenge when trying to create a clear and accurate depiction of call agent performance. Using the power of predictive models and technology, the RankMiner software equips your existing QA team with a virtual agent who accurately analyzes and objectively scores 100% of agent calls, The result is a prioritized list of good, average, and bad agent calls, allowing your Quality Assurance team to listen in on the calls they choose for further analysis.


 Easily Integrates with Existing Debt Collection Software

Onboarding a new piece of software doesn’t have to be looked at as a huge investment of time and money. RankMiner voice analytics software makes it easy for debt collectors to get up and running without a large amount of upfront costs or time delays.

Save Time & Increase Conversion Rates

Using multiple industry-leading predictive models and Artificial Intelligence technology, RankMiner can analyze the vocal emotion and behavior of debtors. RankMiner identifies which debtors –after initial contact– are most likely to pay during a follow-up call and which debtors are least likely to give a promise to pay.

DCI Improves Contact Center Agent Performance With RankMiner - Case Study
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