Improve Agent Retention & Productivity

BPO Call centers have an enormous challenge: maintaining a competitive edge while providing quality service, often with razor-thin margins in a variety of sectors. RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics software helps you improve agent retention with people who perform well and are the best fit for your company culture. Your team is optimized to improve customer loyalty since you’re able to retain your best agents.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Regardless of your call center client, you will track targeted conversion metrics. It may be for increased sales, reduced costs, or increased sign-ups to a program or course. RankMiner gives you the ability to better meet you target metric and waste less time on non-productive prospects by applying our patented predictive voice analytics technology to all of your phone conversations.

Quickly Establish BPO Agent Performance Trends

RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics automates the quality assessment of agent performance. You’ll be able to establish agent performance trends across all of your clients immediately rather than relying on traditional quality assurance methods of random selection. This will help you save time and money and help you improve agent performance by quickly identifying which agents need additional training.

Augment Your Agents’ Emotional Intelligence

Your call center agents are likely to come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. It is probable that your agents also have a wide range of Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) levels. Some agents will be more understanding and empathetic with your clients than others. RankMiner’s predictive analytics help all of your agents better understand your customers’ emotions so that everyone delivers better customer experiences.

Spot Excess in Your Calls

Both you and your customers want calls to flow quickly and efficiently, to achieve a purpose. While there will always be some silence in a call, if an agent’s calls frequently contain long silences there is a problem that needs to be investigated. RankMiner’s predictive analytics software analyzes all calls and can spot when agents may use silence to hide a knowledge gap or take an “unofficial break”.

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RankMiner can help by leveraging voice-based emotions and behavior with predictive analytics. Increase agent productivity and customer experience with RankMiner Insight.

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