Artificial Intelligence for Call Centers

Using advanced artificial intelligence call centers are improving the QA process through automation.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Call Center Performance

With an artificial intelligence-enhanced predictive voice analytics in operation, you are not operating in the dark. Your call center can truly see, and understand, the behavior of all parties in your phone conversations. You can look past what people are saying and instead understand what they are feeling.

Can Predictive Analytics Software Really Determine Who is Going to Pay?

It sounds fantastic, like something out of a science-fiction story. But, predictive voice analytics software can assess how likely a given debtor is to pay after initial contact, and rank all of your first contacts by likelihood of payment on a follow-up call.

3 Artificial Intelligence Applications That Will Take You by Surprise

Artificial intelligence (AI), has come far in the last 30 years. As computer systems continue to become more powerful and complex, the capabilities of artificial intelligences will also increase.

Deep Learning – The Future of Predictive Voice Analytics

Deep learning seems to be a natural means to delivering high quality signal-based voice analytics. Consider the cocktail party effect: given many different sources of noise, the human brain is able to process all of them and focus one’s auditory attention on a particular source (a person speaking for instance), and further be able to discern what the person is saying, interpret it, and react accordingly. With deep learning methods, machines are now able to emulate the same activity and more.

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RankMiner is an automated, easy to use, predictive analytics solutions for call centers. RankMiner identifies voice-based emotions and behaviors from agent & customer conversations. Using machine-learning algorithms we transform unstructured data into valuable and prescriptive information for Call Centers.

The Future of Call Center Analytics

Machine Learning, emotional voice analytics and predictive modeling are converging to revolutionize how call centers enable their agents and interact with customers. Analyzing the voice recordings captured from each call, Call Centers will now enable agents to perform more effectively during the call, allowing agents to adjust communication style and gain emotional intelligence., and Management to predictive agent & customer behaviors and the associated outcomes.