Increase Debt Collections & Agent Retention

RankMiner’s Predictive Analytics platform for Collections is the only solution capable of predicting debtor and agent behavior. RankMiner will identify which debtors are most likely to pay so you are able to accelerate your collection cycle. Furthermore, our predictive models will also help optimize your operations by reducing your average credit collection period, streamline your QA monitoring process, and improve agent retention and overall agent performance with RankMiner’s easy to use Predictive Analytics solutions!

Predict Which Debtors Will Pay

Today’s debt collection agencies are too competitive for generic one-size-fits-all software solutions. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, RankMiner analyzes the emotions and behaviors of debtors to identify which debtors are most likely to pay during a follow-up call and which debtors are least likely to pay. Moreover, RankMiner’s custom voice analytics solution learns from QA feedback to improve over time.

Improve Agent Performance

It’s no secret QA teams are tasked with a mountain-sized challenge when trying to create a clear and accurate depiction of call agent performance. Using the power of predictive models and technology, RankMiner software equips your existing QA team with an Artificial Intelligence agent who analyzes 100% of agent calls. The result is a prioritized list of good, average, and bad agent calls, allowing your QA team to target those that require immediate attention.

Quickly & Easily Integrate Software for Easy Debt Collection

Onboarding a new piece of software doesn’t have to be looked on as a huge investment of time and money. RankMiner voice analytics software makes it easy for debt collectors to get up and running without a large amount of upfront costs or time delays. Unlike typical implementations of speech analytics that take 6 – 9 months or more to install, RankMiner can be up and running in less than 30 days.

Increase Agent Retention

Using the same predictive voice analytics platform, RankMiner can you identify those agents who are most at risk of leaving – and show you how they perform – so that you can intervene before it’s too late. Decrease the cost of unwanted agent turnover and improve overall customer service experience.

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RankMiner can help by leveraging voice-based emotions and behavior with predictive analytics. Increase agent productivity and customer experience with RankMiner Insight.

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