Improving Customer Service

Call center customer service can make or break the success of a business

An Analytical Approach to Better Call Center Customer Service

To empower a strategy approach for improving customer service in a call center, you need information. The trouble is, most call centers are working with incomplete data, often relying on assessments of just 1-2% of phone agent to customer interactions.

Vital Customer Service Call Center Analytics Metrics to Track

Since measuring call center analytics metrics is the first step in improving performance, the question for most call center managers is: “what metrics should I be measuring?” There are many metrics that call centers can track, but many of these metrics can be misleading.

3 Call Center Customer Service Tips You Might Be Overlooking

How can call centers improve their customer service experience to delight customers? Here are a few tips that you might be overlooking in your own call center.

Customer Experience: How Do Your Customers REALLY Feel?

The emotional state of a customer has a huge impact on the quality of a call. A call involving a happy customer will most likely have a better resolution than a call involving an angry, aggressive customer, who an agent needs to appease. Happy customers often become repeat customers. Everybody benefits from calm, rational, well-handled calls.

3 Steps for Call Centers to Improve Their Customer Experience Strategy

Keeping customers happy and engaged requires a strong customer experience strategy that eliminates frustration factors as much as possible while giving customers access to the information and services they need. How can your call center improve its customer experience strategy? Here are a few simple steps that you may be able to use.

How Much Is My Call Center Wasting on Repeat Customer Service Calls

Repeat calls with customers can help your phone agents resolve some issue that the customer has. However, they can also be enormous time sinks that drag down productivity for your call center without providing much benefit. How much are you wasting on repeat calls with customers? The answer to that depends on a lot factors, such as the nature of the customer support your call center provides and how fruitful your follow-up calls with customers are.

Your Customer and Your Agent – the Vital Interaction

In a call center, the interaction between its phone agents and its customers can make or break a company. Whether your call center is a BPO for many companies or internal customer service for a large financial institution, high quality conversations are the key to overall success.

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RankMiner is an automated, easy to use, predictive analytics solutions for call centers. RankMiner identifies voice-based emotions and behaviors from agent & customer conversations. Using machine-learning algorithms we transform unstructured data into valuable and prescriptive information for Call Centers.

The Future of Call Center Analytics

Machine Learning, emotional voice analytics and predictive modeling are converging to revolutionize how call centers enable their agents and interact with customers. Analyzing the voice recordings captured from each call, Call Centers will now enable agents to perform more effectively during the call, allowing agents to adjust communication style and gain emotional intelligence., and Management to predictive agent & customer behaviors and the associated outcomes.