Debt Collection

How predictive analytics can help debt collection agencies optimize collections

Increase Overall Gross Collections with Predictive Analytics

The restrictions on collections agents under legislation such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are constantly evolving, continuously restricting what phone agents can and can’t say in their conversations with debtors. Because of this, it’s important to be able to concentrate on what you can learn from the voice patterns – not the words.

5 Ways Predictive Voice Analytics Can Improve Collection Agencies

How can collection agency call centers successfully manage the high-volume of interactions between customers and phone agents on a daily basis? Through the use of a Predictive Voice Analytics software.

How Technology Can Put an End to Abusive Debt Collection Practices

Every year, the debt collection industry recovers billions of dollars in money owed to various businesses. However, there are innumerable complaints of abusive debt collection practices reported by consumers to go along with this massive amount of recovered debt. Modern technology can actually help debt collection agencies prevent abusive debt collection practices.

Making Repeat Calls More Effective for Collections Call Centers

Collections-oriented call centers face a different challenge from customer support centers. Rather than trying to keep existing customers happy and resolve a question or account issue, these call centers have to turn a stranger into a customer.

Forget B2B or B2C, Improve Your Collection Agency by Being B2Human

A lot of companies spend their time worrying about their messaging, whether they’re speaking in a B2B or B2C manner. Whether your agency specializes in business debt or personal debt, the decision to pay or not pay ultimately rests in the hands of a human being. So, rather than focusing on being B2B or B2C, you can improve your collection agency by being B2H, or Business to Human.

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RankMiner is an automated, easy to use, predictive analytics solutions for call centers. RankMiner identifies voice-based emotions and behaviors from agent & customer conversations. Using machine-learning algorithms we transform unstructured data into valuable and prescriptive information for Call Centers.

The Future of Call Center Analytics

Machine Learning, emotional voice analytics and predictive modeling are converging to revolutionize how call centers enable their agents and interact with customers. Analyzing the voice recordings captured from each call, Call Centers will now enable agents to perform more effectively during the call, allowing agents to adjust communication style and gain emotional intelligence., and Management to predictive agent & customer behaviors and the associated outcomes.