Increase Customer Loyalty

Many Financial Industry call centers operate a Customer First strategy. To so this they need to offer exceptional service to their customers. RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics software helps your team optimize efforts to provide superior call results by improving phone agent performance and by helping agents understand what clients are really saying.

“70% of buying experiences are based on how your customers feel they are being treated”

RankMiner gives you the ability to sell more financial products and waste less time on non-productive prospects by applying our patented technology to all of your phone conversations. Your time is valuable, so we make it easy for you to use it wisely.

Seamless Integration Leading to Maximum ROI

No matter how many calls that you need to analyze, there aren’t any big up-front capital expenses with RankMiner’s voice analytics solution. We integrate to your existing recording platforms and automate our predictions into your current workflows so that you maximize your return on investment. Using RankMiner, you should expect an ROI within 4 -6 months.

“In 2011, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience.”

Using RankMiner’s predictive analytics helps you tune into how your customers are really feeling. This helps you adapt your products to meet their needs. The longer you have happy customers, the lower the likelihood that they will churn to your opposition. Your Customer Lifetime Value will rise.

“Customers remember service a lot longer than they remember price”

Are all of your agents equally skilled at engaging customers and selling financial products when appropriate? How do you know? RankMiner’s Agent Insight provides you with clear objective evidence of your agents’ performance. You will have the necessary data you need to give you a clear picture of which agents are struggling and need further targeted assistance.

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RankMiner can help by leveraging voice-based emotions and behavior with predictive analytics. Increase agent productivity and customer experience with RankMiner Insight.

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