Increase Revenue Per Policyholder

Insurance call centers have an enormous challenge: providing competitive policies and claims service while at the same time providing quality customer service that increases customer loyalty.  RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics software helps your team drive better call results by improving phone agent performance.  We’ll also help your agents understand which insurance policyholders are open to purchase more profitable insurance products.

Attract More Insurance Policyholders

RankMiner gives you the ability to close more sales with serious policyholders and waste less time on non-productive prospects by applying our patented technology to all of your phone conversations. We’ll identify those insurance customers who are most likely to buy and those who are most likely wasting your time. Your time is valuable, so we make it easy for you to use it wisely.

Improve Customer Experience

You will know that the skills needed for somebody handling a delicate insurance claim can be emotionally demanding. Not all of your agents will perform equally well when handling different types of customers. RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics will augment the emotional intelligence of your insurance agents to improve their productivity – and to improve your customers’ overall experience.

Improve Productivity

Rank Miner’s Customer Insight software analyzes every call and will analyze your policyholders’ emotions behaviors. You can look past what your customers are saying about their claims and get to the meaning behind their words in order to predict future business outcomes. Spend less time guessing with traditional, random quality checks and really understand what’s driving the outcomes you want.

Increase Your Cross-sales

Do your agents truly understand which customers are most likely to buy additional policies? Do they know which customers to focus their sales pitches on and which customers are in no mood to increase or vary their coverage? RankMiner provides an insight for your agents into your callers’ emotions, and therefore your agents can better and more profitably allocate their time.

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RankMiner can help by leveraging voice-based emotions and behavior with predictive analytics. Increase agent productivity and customer experience with RankMiner Insight.

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