Debt collections call centers, face a constant challenge in trying to provide value and differentiate your business within a highly-regulated, competitive market. Predictive voice analytics can help your business succeed by offering actionable insight into agent performance.

If you could analyze the emotional behavior and tone in the voice of every agent on every call, the result would be an improved QA process that quickly identifies why some phone agents are struggling, and why your top performers are having success. 

In this case study you’ll learrn about DCI’s real results using RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics, including: 

  • How automating the QA process increased productivity by over 50%
  • Eliminating subjective feedback in QA assessments
  • Phone Agent improvements in gross collections by over 21%
  • Shortened the time to establish phone agent trends from 4-5 weeks to 1-2 days

The results are real.  Download your FREE case study to see how RankMiner Predictive Analytics are helping contact centers work smarter.

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