The Impact of Maximizing Call Center Agent Performance

By January 4, 2016RankMiner Team Blogs
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For any call center, the agents manning the phones are the foundation of the agency’s success. Whether your call center specializes in debt collection or telemarketing, improving call center agent performance can have a marked impact on the call center’s success rate as a whole.

How much of an impact can maximizing call center agent performance have?

The answer to this question can vary based on the current performance of your phone agents, the nature of your call center, and how many agents you employ.

This being said, here’s an example of the impact of maximizing call center agent performance:

Maximizing Call Center Agent Performance at DCI with Agent Insight

Diversified Consultants Inc’s (DCI) Chief Operating Officer, Gordon Beck, is certainly familiar with the struggles and challenges call center agents face. Beck knows all-too-well how the rules governing what call center agents can and cannot say on the phone are always changing.

However, the COO for DCI also knows from experience that phone agents who speak with enthusiasm, empathy, and great knowledge about the subject of discussion are far more successful than agents who don’t. In short, he knows it isn’t just what you say, but how you say it that has the greatest impact on an agent’s success.

RankMiner’s Agent Insight and Customer Insight software takes this philosophy to the next level, using the emotional voice and tone of recorded agent-to-customer interactions to create a predictive analysis of future customer behaviors.

Gordon Beck applied RankMiner’s predictive analytics software to help improve his call center’s operations. The results were spectacular. As Gordon says in our case study of DCI’s use of RankMiner’s software: “I loved how RankMiner was able to predict which customers were most likely to pay so I challenged the team to use their predictive analytics to help improve the performance our agents as well.”

DCI applied the Customer Insight Models from RankMiner to their conversion cycle, accelerating in and improving their overall conversion rates by more than 36%!

By also applying RankMiner’s technology to their quality assurance (QA) process, DCI was able to correlate each phone agent’s performance with the profit they generated for the company. This allowed DCI to train agents with an optimized policy based on dynamic performance profiles.

Objective Data Vs. Subjective Observations

Before implementing RankMiner’s predictive analytics to assess individual agent effectiveness, DCI’s QA reps would have to manually provide feedback on agent performance using a scorecard.

The issue here is that feedback given on such a scorecard is, at best, a subjective assessment of an agent’s performance. Even worse, QA teams didn’t have enough time or personnel to manually review every call, so the data available on an agent’s performance was incomplete. Generally speaking, a company can only evaluate roughly 1% of their total call volume.

One percent of the data on your total call volume is not enough to make an informed decision – certainly not in a timely manner.

However, by applying RankMiner’s analytics to their Agent performance analysis, DCI was able to get data on 100% of their agent-to-customer interactions automatically. As noted by Mike Anna Sr., DCI’s Chief Quality Officer:

RankMiner’s Agent Performance models have increased our QA productivity by over 50%… Moreover, it used to take us 4—5 weeks to establish a particular trend for a given phone agent. With RankMiner’s Agent Performance solution, we’re able to spot meaningful trends with certain agents within a couple of days. –Mike Anna

Simply by having access to a complete set of objective data on agent performance rather than an incomplete, subjective analysis of call center agents, DCI was able to massively improve its QA processes. The automation of the analysis helped to speed up the identification of agents who needed extra training, making DCI’s call center more responsive when changes are necessary.

What Was the Impact for DCI?

By discovering the agents in need of training more quickly and reliably, then applying that information to their training of phones agents, DCI experienced a big bump in their gross collections.

Within the RankMiner-assessed test group, DCI’s agents were able to increase their gross collections by more than 21% on average. This increase translated into approximately $6,000 more in gross collections per agent in a single month!