Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer service call centers have an enormous challenge: fielding thousands of customer support calls as efficiently as possible while providing quality assistance that drives customer loyalty. RankMiner’s predictive voice analytics software helps your QA team optimize efforts to drive better call results by improving phone agent performance.

Quickly Establish Agent Performance Trends

Because RankMiner’s voice analytics automates the assessment of agent performance, and can analyze 100% of all agent calls, you can reliably establish agent performance trends in as little as a day rather than having to assess performance for several weeks or months. This can help you save time and money on agent assessments.

Increase Business Insight

No matter how many calls that you need to analyze, there aren’t any big up-front capital expenses with RankMiner’s voice analytics solution. You only pay for your RankMiner voice analytics as you use them, maximizing your return on investment.


Improve ROI from Phone Agent Training

Voice analytics reports can identify specific issues that hamper phone agent performance, such as an overly aggressive tone of voice, helping your QA staff focus training objectives to address specific phone agent weaknesses. This maximizes your ROI from training efforts by providing the biggest boost to agent performance.

Objectively Rate Agent Preformance

With voice analytics software, you can get automated analysis for 100% of your call center’s customer interactions. This thoroughness of call analysis means your QA team can work with a complete data set on agent performance rather than a partial, incomplete one.

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RankMiner can help by leveraging voice-based emotions and behavior with predictive analytics. Increase agent productivity and customer experience with RankMiner Insight.

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