We Get Results! Just ask Gordon Beck, COO of Diversified Consultants Inc

By June 24, 2015Testimonials

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Gordon Beck, COO of Diversified Consultants Inc talks about how RankMiner provided significant improvements for his company.

“The fact that they were, not only able, to show us consumers that we were not reaching out to after we had already spoken to them once before…and then on top of that show us which agents were best suited to speak to those individuals. It was an amazing thought, because I had always believed and trained my people, that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

“It’s just amazing the results we have gotten so far by using this product. We look forward to the future advances with the product, work with RankMiner and using their analytics team to find even more attributes from both sides of the collections cycle that can help improve our ROI, remain compliant and make our company and our agents better.”

Gordon Beck | Diversified Consultants Inc